How to help


Donations may be sent directly to the bank account to support the Foundation. Any sum donated directly to our account will help us support our proteges in lowering their cost of dolphin therapy. If you would like to give financial aid for any particular project or initiative, please include the name of the project or initiative within the money transfer.

Foundation’s Polish account no.:
PKO Bank Polski S.A.
PLN: 73 1440 1387 0000 0000 0654 0511

EURO account:
PKO Bank Polski S.A.
IBAN PL 83 1440 1387 0000 0000 0735 1445

Bank Address:

Puławska 15
02-515 Warszawa, Poland

Recipient details:
Fundacja „Dobra Wioska”
Matuszewska 20
03-876 Warszawa, Poland


The legal ground according to Polish law for Corporate entities, willing to pass a donation for our Foundation’s proteges to help them attend dolphin assisted therapy:

Art.18 par.1 point 1 of The Corporate Income Tax Act:
Corporate donators may deduct donations from their tax base granted for the purposes specified in art. 4 of the Public Benefit Activity and Volunteer Work Act to organizations aforementioned in art.3 par.2 and 3 of this act conducting public benefit activity in the area of public actions described in this act – up to and not exceeding their 10% of income.

Dolphin Assisted Therapy is still in Poland quite an exotic and little know therapeutic method. Meanwhile all over the world it is successfully applied for treatment and rehabilitation of children and adults with the following disorders: functional disorders of central nervous system, cerebral palsy, infantile autism, Down syndrome, hearing and speech disorders. The highest effectiveness was proven in treatment of neuroses, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychiatric trauma, endogenous depression, dyslexia.

“Dobra Wioska” Foundation is the author of the first integrated Dolphin Assisted Program in Poland, basing on solid medical and psychological grounds. The advantages of the program offered by the Foundation are that the dolphin assisted therapy is conducted by Polish speaking therapists with the attendance of a doctor also combining into the program the family therapy and art therapy. President of the Foundation – Oksana Dąbrowska for many years has been organizing trips for groups of children with developmental disorders to attend dolphin assisted therapy.
We are offering you a possibility to support these children’s opportunity to improve in their rehabilitation and overall condition of their families. Your engagement will also benefit for the development of Polish method of dolphin assisted therapy and bring the opportunity to strengthen the image of your company by becoming a donator of this important and inspiring project.

Available offerings of the Foundation to the donator:
– the Project’s Strategic Sponsor title;
– the Philanthropist of Dolphin Assisted Therapy title;
– exclusive rights for the Project’s Strategic Sponsor rights;
– the right to use Foundation’s logo and the program supported (including photos of dolphins and children) in your own marketing and promotional actions in press, television, internet, radio, internal posters and brochures (excluding commercial advertising that require additional contracts , however the Strategic Sponsor may be offered very attractive conditions of these contracts, including barters);
– the right to use statements and images of all supported persons for own promotional purposes;
– the logo, name and right for announcements of the Sponsor’s  representative in all Foundation’s promotional actions for the purpose of dolphin assisted therapy project, including the Foundation’s website, press conferences, promotional publications, folders, commercials, advertisements, posters, invitations, mailing and traditional mail with customers and organizational partners with the right to authorize graphic projects and announcements;
– the right to participate on basis of merit and promotional in conferences organized by the Foundation, concerts and meetings dedicated to dolphin assisted therapy;
– priority of sponsorship rights in further delivered Foundation’s future projects, including the building of dolphinarium in Poland and re-settling the dolphins from other locations;
– the certificate and diploma of Strategic Sponsor together with official acknowledgements from the supported persons;
– upon Sponsor’s request the Foundation may organize for their employees or business partners a relaxation travelling course combined with dolphin swimming sessions included in the program.
Contact: +48 504 077 358, e-mail: biuro(at)dobrawioska(dot)pl

VOLUNTEERS: We invite all volunteers to join us. Applications should be sent to biuro(at)dobrawioska(dot)pl