„Dobra Wioska” (The Good Village) is a symbol of space, where people live in harmony with nature and each person, irrelevant of his age or views, feels accepted and needed. We believe that it is possible to make this symbol real within the dimensions of contemporary temporal space. Each person participates in the creation of the world through his own inner life and in the act of creation s/he draws on nature and the web of his/her interpersonal relationships. In this way s/he surpasses him/herself.

The aim of the Foundation „Dobra Wioska” is to inspire and support the development of a person’s personality, the conscious shaping of interpersonal contacts and the relationship of human beings with nature. These goals will be achieved through activities on the border line of psychology, ecology and art. The Foundation creates and coordinates projects within the field of art therapy, dolphin therapy, artistic events, and multicultural dialogue.