Dolphin Assisted Therapy

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29.04 – 13.05.2022 – 2850 EUR (packege 10 sessions)

13.05 – 27.05.2022 – 2950 EUR

17.09 – 1.10.2022 – 2950 EUR
01.10 – 15.10.2022 – 2950 EUR

15.10 – 30.10.2022 – 2950 EUR

1700 EUR (program of 5 session)



22.05 – 06.06.2022 – 2850 EUR
06.06 – 20.06 .2022 – 2850 EUR
20.06 – 04.07.2022 – 2850 EUR
04.07 – 18.07.2022 – 2850 EUR
18.07 – 01.08.2022 – 2850 EUR
01.08 – 15.08.2022 – 2850 EUR
15.08 – 29.08.2022  – 2850 EUR
29.08 – 12.09.2022 – 2850 EUR
12.09 – 26.09.2022 – 2850 EUR

* the cost above does not include flight, airport transfer, accommodation or alimentation.

Most popular hotels chosen by the families:
Alanya – Aydinbey Gold Dreams, Eftalia Village, Long Beach Resort
other hotels close to Sealanya Dolphinarium: Lonicera Word Resort, Haydar Pasha
Kusadasi – Tusan Beach Resort, Pine Bay Holiday resort
other hotels close to Adaland Dolphinarium: Ephesus Princess, Kustur Club

Group therapy, artherapy and other activities will take place in the dolphinarium premises like Dolphin Therapy.

Dolphin Assisted Therapy is successfully applied all over the word in treatment and rehabilitation of children and adults with the following chronic disorders: dysfunctions of the central nervous system, cerebral palsy, infantile autism, Down syndrome, dysfunctions of speech and hearing. Particular effectiveness was proven in treating neurosis, post traumatic stress syndrome, psychic traumas and dyslexia.

Foundation „Dobra Wioska” (Good Village) is the originator of the very first integrated program of Dolphin Assisted Therapy in Poland basing on solid medical and psychological grounds.  Foundation’s President Ph. D. Oksana Dąbrowska the autor of method, has been organizing Dolphin Assisted Therapy trips  for children with developmental dysfunctions for many years.

Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT) – briefly about the method
The advantage of the program offered and organized by the Foundation „Dobra Wioska” is conducting the Dolphin Assisted Therapy by the Polish team and under the constant medical care and supervision of a psychologist within the group of other kinds of therapy (family therapy, art therapy, training of relaxation, the Halliwick concept). Therapy in other languages (Russian and English) is also available. Foundation “Dobra Wioska” is the author of the first integrated dolphin therapy program in Poland basing on the solid medical and psychological foundations. Dolphin therapy conducted by the Foundation’s method of talking in the patient’s language gives reliable observations and proof from medical specialists. The advantage of our program is also individual approach towards each patient realized by adjustment of our specialists profile to each disorder as well as individual set of exercises during dolphin therapy and others. Positive influence of contact with dolphins on children’s emotional and motivational sphere is scientifically proven. It is very common to notice that the effects of dolphin therapy include improvement of physiological functioning (blood circulation, metabolism, appetite) as well as the enhancement of body movement’s coordination, hearing, sight, enhancement of concentration, thinking and general social contacts amelioration.

The basis of Dolphin Assisted Therapy is so called “sonar phonetic model” where the dolphin acts in the role of natural ultrasound sonar. The outcome of these  actions is a positive stimulation of the Central Nervous System and other organs of the patient. This is what makes Dolphin Assisted Therapy a perfect method for performing rehabilitation treatments. The most important element is the patient’s contact with the dolphin. Dolphin Assisted Therapy takes place on an intensive course: 14 days filled with sessions. Upon parent’s request and in case of necessity other kinds of therapies are included: kinesthetic therapy and physical therapy.
We conduct the Dolphin Assisted Therapy program with the help of two dolphinariums in Turkey, in the season at the Aegean Sea (Kusadasi), at the Mediterranean Sea (Turkler) and from December to April in Cancun, Mexico.
Dolphin Assisted Therapy — basic requirements for attending the program: 

  • adults and children from the age of two years, although we have experience in working with younger children
  • necessary condition for children is having minimal habits in contact with water (lack of such prolongs the therapy’s time). In water each child is protected by a life vest, most suitably their own to which they are used to and feel comfortable in.

Recommendations for the program:

* Infantile cerebral palsy
* Infantile autism
* Down syndrome and other genetic disorders
* Minimal brain dysfunction or disturbance of activity and attention with hyperexcitability
* Mental impairment (except advanced level)
* Receptive language disorder and hearing impairment
* Sensorineural hearing loss
* Neurosis, post traumatic stress syndrome
* Non-endogenous depressions
* Memory disorders, dyslexia, dysgraphia

* Acute infections
* Oncology
* Other standard contraindications for rehabilitation in sanatory conditions. 

Day 1 – travel, accommodation
Day 2 – introduction meeting with therapists and families, interviews and getting to know patients in the pool
Days 3 – 7 – Dolphin Assisted Therapy and additional therapies
Day 8 – break, no therapies
Days 9 -13 day – Dolphin Assisted Therapy and additional therapies
Day 14 – return home

Therapeutic package of Dolphin Assisted Therapy program includes:
– 10 sessions of dolphin assisted therapy, each includes child’s contact with the dolphin for 25 minutes,
– 10 hours of child’s therapy together with the family  (family therapy, art therapy);

Family therapy
It is the essential element of dolphin assisted therapy program realized by the Foundation “Dobra Wioska”. It is conducted with the help of systemic approach taking into account the importance of family relationship in the process of personal therapy. The aim is the help enhancing the communication and general relationships between members of family which is in difficult situation in the presence of child’s illness, the help to adapt to this situation. Therapy is conducted by qualified specialists having required certificates and permissions.

Art therapy
Is also the essential element of dolphin assisted therapy program. It is therapy through art with the use of personal creativity. Its methods are used during group activities, family therapy and individual therapy. Classes are run with the use of process oriented psychology methods, including plastic and theater arts, work with movement, voice and music. The purpose of these components is to express blocked emotions and in the case of family or group the improvement of communication and relationships. 

Halliwick Concept swimming classes
We have 2 trained therapist who provide one-to-one sessions to your child/children in order to help adjusting in water environment and posses basic experience in water environment. “The Halliwick Concept is a way of teaching anyone to swim. It was developed in the UK in 1949 specifically for teaching disabled people to swim and is now used in many countries in the world both for teaching swimming and for therapy.” For more details about the Halliwick Concept see the link to Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy in the UK.

Cost of therapeutic package:
2850 – 2950 Euro –  the whole course which includes dolphin therapy of one child, therapy and activities according to the program, cost depends on time of stay. The cost does not include flight, airport transfer, accommodation or alimentation. This is provided in additional holiday trip package.

Oksana Dąbrowska – director of dolphin assisted therapy program realized by the Foundation “Dobra Wioska”, psychologist, psychotherapist.
Entitlements: certificate of Polish Society of Process Work  (, founder of Interactive Theatre of Process, cooperates with Polish Mastership Association. Since 8 years involved in dolphin therapy,  trained in dolphinauriums in Crimea (Yalta, Eupatorium), Lithuania (Klaipeda), Turkey (Kusadasi) and Israel.

Other therapists (Polish, English): Izabela Haraburda,  Tomasz Wójcik
Albina Okraszewska – medical practitioner – pediatrician  with many years of professional experience, family doctor. She worked for many years abroad inter alia in Africa.